Personal details

  • Name:Andrei Popov
  • Born on:April 17, 1969
  • Address:
    • Weinstr. 32a
    • 67146 Deidesheim
    • Germany
  • Phone:+4915224574474

Shortly about me

I'm aeronautical engineer with fifteen years experience in UAV domain. I hope I have extensive knowledge of practical application of engineering science and technology for design and production of various types of unmanned systems.
You can see my suggestions for you (engineering assistance) and completed projects.

    Main technical skills

  • Technical concept
  • Conceptual design
  • applied aerodinamics
  • Units and parts design, 3D-modelling
  • Stress calculations
  • knowledge of composite materials
  • technologies of manufacturing

My specializations


Fixed wing vehicles with take-off weight under 100 kg. for the different purposes (UAVs, UASs, target drones) and multicopters.