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Drone pilot for you in Pfalz      

      For many years i have been providing aerial photography services using drones.
      Let me tell more in details what i can propose for you

Drones applications by industry sectors

       Industrial plants.
       Proper surveillance needs for the maintenance with guarantee security. With drones you can conveniently and quickly obtain data on the  
       state of various objects - chimneys, pipelines, buildings, various devices, systems and structures. You will also receive
       operational information about the situation at the plant area

        - construction process monitoring;      
    - roof inspections.


       Mining and quarries.
      - definition of the actual dimensions, area, depth;
      - volume definition of extracted materials.

     - monitoring;
     - searching for fallen, dead and diseased trees;
     - cutover patches monitoring;
     - monitoring the condition of forest roads, paths and creeks, etc.;

     - object perimeter and area observation.  

Most useful types of aerial photography

High resolution orthophoto (1,5 cm/pixel) of your object and surrounding area.              
You will be able to use it for visual information about the object and for measurements.
You will get:                                                                                                                       
 - jpeg file, wich you can see in any viewer;                                                                     
- picture on photopaper (A4) with high quality;                                                               
                                          - kmz file, wich you can placed in online service Google Earth for measurements - distances, perimeters, areas.

        Volume measurements    
Volume measurements of harvested materials. Or (and) volume of excavated soil.

                                                            Volume 512 cub. m.

Crossections of your object. It may be single crossection.

or some crossections along the specified line 

Altitude value in meters over sea level. Crossection coordinates are indicated.
Crossections can be printed on photopaper A4 and saved as *.jpg file.

         Contour lines   
Contour altitude lines of your object. Altitude value in meters over sea level.
It can be printed on photopaper A4.

and saved as *.kml file for downloading in Google Earth

I can propose you a 3D model of your object:                                                                                                                
- in the form of a dynamic pdf file (you can open a pdf file and study a 3D model - it can be rotated and scaled)         
            - or as a cloud of points for a three-dimensional image of your object and making measurements in three-dimensionalspace
 ( you can also measure the height).
I will provide software for working with point cloud (free-software) for installation on your computer.   

Example of pdf file is here

        Video, photo, 3D-panorama

Of course, at your request, I can make a video of your object from altitude of up to 120 meters, photo and 3D-panorama.

3D-panorama here


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