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    Kazan state technical university named A. Tupolev (Kazan aviation institute)

    Specialization: aircraft design. Degree: mechanical engineer.

  Work experience.

       Participated in many UAV's projects as a teams member.
     These were target drones, drones for surveillance and aerial mapping, fixed wings and copters.
     My specialization: vehicles with take-off weight under 100 kg. for the different purposes.
     I have extensive knowledge of practical application of engineering science and technology for design and production of various types of 
     unmanned systems.    

  Some of my initiatial projects:

- Short range UAS for aerial mapping and survey.


Main performances:
Wingspan 1 m.
Take-off weight 3 kg.
Payload weight 0,4 kg.
Cruise speed 70 km/h.
L/D ratio 8.
Flight duration 50 min.
Actual range 10 km.
Take-off - hand launch ore banshee launch.
Landing - parachute.



      - Multi-purpose UAS system

Main performances:
Wingspan 2,0 m.
Take-off weight 7,5 kg.
Payload weight 2 kg.
Cruise speed 70 km/h.
L/D ratio 12,5
Flight duration 80 min.
Actual range 10 km.
Take-off - banshee launch ore catapult.
Landing - parachute.


      - Surveillence UAS 



Main performances:
Wingspan 1,7 m.
Take-off weight 3,5 kg.
Cruise speed 70 km/h.
Flight duration 90 min.



     - Pneumatic launcher with inner airbrake for the "tailless" UAS


Mein performansec:
Air pressure - until 10 atm.
Weight of the plain - until 15 kg.
Speed turnoff - 18m/s


     -  Middle range UAS

Main performances:
Wingspan 5,1 m.
Take-off weight 90 kg.
Payload weight 16 kg.
Cruise speed 90-120 km/h
Flight duration 22 h.
L/D ratio 18.


     -  Quadcopter

Main performances:
Take-off weight 2 kg.
Payload weight 0,5 kg.
Flight duration 32 min.



     Experience as UAV operator (fixed wings and copters). A1, A2, A3 EU categories, BVLOS experience, day/night conditions. R/C pilot .
     I've known modern airmodel technologies, have experience in composite materials.
     Able to work on CNC milling machines, 3D printers.
     I piloted YAK-52 aerobatic plane, A-22 ultralight plane, L-13 glider, have more than 400 parachute jumps.

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